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Product definition and design

ReviewPro is an online analytical tool which allows hotels, restaurants and bars, effectively organize and manage its online reputation in major online travel agencies, review websites and social networks.

Since June 2010 we have been working closely with the product team in the constant redefinition, design and product improvements. Collecting customer needs and transforming them into new features, while the use and design of the tool is simplified.

Reviewpro is a service for professionals, where control panels and reports are vital. Not only is important to provide a summary of the data, is also focused on contrast and comparison, drawing attention to trends and offering shares to deep into the details, generating reports and creating tickets with incidents.

ReviewPro surveys dashboard

We have taken into account the different use cases of the service. An example of this is the creation of specific solutions to the profile of each user, such as executive reports periodically generated to PDF and emailed.

ReviewPro reporting

There are also many items that allows to customize and optimize the tool depending on the needs of each client, such as the creation and configuration of custom surveys, using a base of predefined questions or creating your own one for each customer, so that is possible to distribute, collect and analyze feedback from guests, as well as cross-checking with other metrics.

ReviewPro reporting

About ReviewPro

Founded in early 2008, ReviewPro is an online analytical tool that enables hotels to add, organize and effectively manage their online reputation and presence in major websites and social media networks. In November 2011 was awarded the prestigious Best Emerging Technology Innovation Award at the PhoCusWright Conference, also has been mentioned in several specialized media as Wired.